Linux corrupted file system under vmware

Back due to some unexpected reboots probably the vmware file was somehow corrupted. Running fsck, or even trying to recover the superblock from backup looked like working but wasn’t. Tried also under host system to repair the disk with vmware-vdiskmanager utility, and it reported fix, but after some few starts it again reported issues.

Under guest mostly there was a problem with buffer IO device cannot be accessed, after trying to connect the disk in host as IDE, SATA or SCSI, I end up with creating completely new drive under vmware workstation, booted with systemrescueCD linux distribution cloned old /dev/sda to new /dev/sdb with utility ddrescue by issuing commands:

#ddrescue -n /dev/sda /dev/sdb ddreslog.txt


#ddrescue -r1 /dev/sda /dev/sdb ddreslog-retry.txt

After this, I removed from the guest first corrupted disk in vmware and let the second as replacement. After boot, the filesystems in LVM group were again corrupted, but I was already able to fix the filesystem ext4 with standard tools. So the resolution was that even vmware-vdiskmanager repaired the vmware disk, it was still somehow corrupted anyway and prevent me to fix in standard way.

Some other sources:—how-to-clone-a-disk-with-ddrescue—dnu-ddrescue-also-known-as-gddrescue—the-better-ddrescue-tool?pli=1


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