Oracle 11g VPD

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Oracle 11g VPD

In this article you will see how to use a VPD to provide a record-level security across applications tables. In VPD you attach security policies directly to tables, views and synonyms so there is no ways for users to bypass your security settings.

In a VPD any SQL used to access a table, view or synonym protected by VPD policy is dynamically modified to include a limiting condition such as where clause or and clause. The modification occurs transparently and the user sees only the data that passes the limiting conditions in the where clause. The find grained access allows a great deal of control over the access to application tables. VPD policies can be applied to select, insert, update, index and delete commands. You can create different security policies for each type of access, one for selects another for inserts and so on.

Implementing VPD requires…

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