HermesJMS configuration for Weblogic 11g

Experiencing FMW

HermesJMS is a great tool for Java Messaging. Its a JMS browser and a management tool. It helps to interact with JMS providers making it simple to publish and edit messages, browse or seach queues and topics, copy messages around and delete them.

But we need to configure this tool for each and every JMS provider. Following are the steps to install and configure it for Weblogic Server 11g:

1. Download the tool from Sourceforge or get it from It works fine with 64-bit as well.

2. Unzip the and open the hermes.bat from INSTALL_DIRECTORY/bin.

3. Add JAVA_HOME at the top of the file and point it to the location where Java is installed (point it to 64-bit Java if its a 64-bit machine).

4. Run hermes.bat.

5. From sessions tab, click on New Session and:

a. Enter the name of the Session

b. Click on the Providers


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