Oracle Service Bus logging & tracing III – Creating a Custom Reporting Provider

J@n van Zoggel

In my earlier blogpost explaining the Oracle Service Bus Report Action I already mentioned the fact that Oracle allows you to create a custom report provider. Quote:

If you do not wish to use the JMS Reporting Provider that is provided with your Oracle Service Bus installation, you can untarget it and create your own reporting provider using the Reporting Service Provider Interface (SPI). If you configure your own reporting provider for messages, no information is displayed in the Oracle Service Bus Administration Console. You must to create your own user interface.

Since the report action places a java object on an internal JMS queue named wli.reporting.jmsprovider.queue we can play around with it from their.

Initially we wanted to discover what information this Java Object contained. So I’ve created a simple EJB project as an example named it CustomOsbReportHandler.

This project was build with WLS/OSB and the project uses…

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