using CDATA in the Oracle Service Bus

J@n van Zoggel

>In our project when an error occured the following Error structure must be returned to the service consumer.

In a case of a validation error the consumer would receive the following message where description is a concat of $fault/ctx:errorCode and $fault/ctx:reason

The limitation here is off course that the real description (the $fault variable) is not visible for the service consumer. Since the $fault contains an XML-structure we need a mechanism as CDATA to encapsulate this in the response message.

The following blogpost is a simplified result of the actual project, but should give a general idea:

So we used the above solution with a Replace action in the common Error Handler. In our data model the element is repeating so we made a choice to add a second element.

This will result in a result like:

The bea-serialize function helps us to transform an XML input to a string…

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